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Tall Tales Family Farm

About Us

Bill and Charlene DeWitt moved to north Georgia early in 2012.  They call this their "second chance farm".  It goes to show that it is never too late to pursue your fondest dreams.  Here is a place where they can be connected with the earth and share its blessings with family (including seven grandchildren) and friends. Experiencing Southern hospitality first hand since moving here, it is their goal to embrace that Southern charm and wrap their guests in its warmth.

Bill remains active as a corporate security director for an international company, but when home he can be found driving his Kubota tractor, hauling stone and gravel; building and mending fences; and creating a variety of useful devices in his workshop wonderland.

Charlene retired from a multi-faceted career as real estate owner/broker and professional writer, editor and researcher. For several years, Bill and Charlene lived aboard a trawler in the Republic of Panama. Now in her mid-sixties, Charlene declares these times as the happiest days of her life.  Farm life, animal care, touching the earth and reaping its rewards, and the time to devote to creative writing makes living at Tall Tales Family Farm richly rewarding.

Jen Dean is a wife and mother of three and Bill and Charlene's daughter(-in-law). As a child, Jen spent every possible moment with animals. A precocious youth, she started riding lessons at a tender age, and by the time she was a preteen she was a trainer and riding instructor. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Jen trained dogs in explosive detection and later for the EPA to detect bio-pollutants.  Her passion for animals led her to open her own business as a dog trainer; she has taught classes and helped clients all over north Georgia. Currently, she continues working with canines by one on one training consultation and assisting rescue services with successful placements.

Together, Charlene and Jen manage the day to day activities of Tall Tales Family Farm.