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Award-winning author, Charlene DeWitt inspiration for her children's books comes from stories told to her seven grandchildren and events in their lives. Her debut book, The Frog Along Party is a whimsical rhyming tale about King Frog Fin who invites 5 year old Lillie to a late night Frog Along Party. The party lasts through the night with frog's serving mud milk and dragonfly pie. In an unexpected twist, Lillie saves Fin's life. The book is richly illustrated by noteworthy artists Sylvia Pimental, Dot Bunn, and Reveille Kennedy. This book is available through Amazon either as a print book or e-book.



Kerchoo the First Easter Bunny, an instant success, is illustrated by Dot Bunn. This outstanding fine artist from Bucks County Pennsylvania joins with the author in a goal to enrich young readers' vocabulary and stimulate their senses with fine art. To learn more about Dot Bunn click on:

Did you ever wonder how the tradition of the Easter bunny started? It started with Thomas, an endearing little floppy eared bunny who constantly sniffled. Poor Thomas was allergic to flowers! If you love bunnies and Easter, this story is for you.

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Or for a signed edition, at no additional cost, plus free shipping, contact the author through this site. ("Contact us") Recommended age 3- 8 years.

The author's third book, A Place for a Face, is coming mid-2014. It is a comical, rhyming story about a girl and her best friend's adventure that occurs suddenly one hot summer day. Guaranteed to delight and amuse your preschooler or elementary age child!